Portraits are my passion. Seeing the look of recognition and pleasure on someone's face when they first see their loved one captured on paper gives me huge satisfaction.
I’m not a famous artist, (which means that I don’t charge high prices), but I seem to know how to capture a likeness. I like to share my gift, because I can see how much happiness people get from a good portrait.

People want portraits for different reasons:
• To capture a child’s image
• As a permanent memory of someone who has died.
• A special surprise for a significant birthday or anniversary
• A unique and meaningful gift

I can work from a good digital photo, which means that I do not need to meet the subject. This can enhance the element of surprise, if the portrait is to be a gift.

My portraits are created in pastel, charcoal, and occasionally pencil. Click here or go to the menu to see examples. The surface is delicate, and the portraits need to be treated with care, even though they are sprayed with fixative. They should be framed professionally, to make sure the surface does not come into contact with the glass. For this reason, I can only accept pastel and charcoal commissions from people who can collect their portraits directly from my studio in Bedford. For more information on how to commission a portrait, click here.